Wet Rot

Wet Rot is the term given to wood rotting fungi that are NOT capable of penetrating masonry to any significant degree.

These fungi attack the wood when untreated timbers are subjected to persistent increased moisture content (i.e. above 20%).

For eradication of Wet Rot, other than in exceptional circumstances, it is necessary for the decayed timber to be replaced with pre-treated timbers, isolated from the masonry and provisions made to dry out the affected area.

ALL actual and potential sources of moisture ingress must be rectified, for example:

  • Rising dampness
  • Defective rainwater goods or plumbing (both internal and external)
  • Uncapped projections, e.g. chimneys
  • Defective external rendered and pointing
  • Faulty roof coverings or flashings
  • Incorrect falls to balconies or flat roofs
  • You should also always ensure that you have adequate subfloor ventilation

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