Water Ingress

In order to prevent the biodegradation of building materials it is fundamental to preserve and maintain all buildings to allow them to remain watertight.

Defects permitting the access of water into a buildings fabric must be remedied to prevent further entry of water.

Below is a list of some of the ways in which water can penetrate into a building, causing dampness:

  • Blocked gutters, especially hidden valleys
  • Defective rainwater goods
  • Defective surface to flat roofs
  • Missing/broken/loose/displaced roof tiles or slates
  • Faulty flashings
  • Uncapped disused chimneys
  • Defective pointing
  • Faulty or missing damp proof course
  • Bridging of damp proof course (e.g., high soil levels, patio, garden ornaments etc)
  • Blocked air vents/bricks
  • Obstructions within cavity walls
  • Overflow from cisterns/water tanks

Water ingress through any of these measures can lead to Hygroscopic Salt Contamination.

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