Wall tie corrosion and failure

Cavity Wall Tie corrosion affects many properties throughout the UK, especially in exposed and coastal locations.

The mild steel ties embedded in to mortar when the property was built eventually start to corrode.

When this corrosion advances horizontal cracking occurs, causing damage to the brickwork and eventually loss of stability between the skins of brickwork.

With the use of a metal detector and an endoscope we can locate, drill and inspect the condition of the ties and provide a quotation for replacement and making good.


This wall tie has completely corroded through and is no longer attaching the two skins together.

The gable of this property in Hastings fell down during strong winds because the Wall Ties had corroded through.

If you think your property may have Cavity Wall Tie Corrosion then contact us TODAY for a no obligation site inspection, or simply for further advice.

All Cavity Wall Tie replacements are covered by a 10 year guarantee.

We can offer Insurance Backed Guarantees through GPI.