Condensation is a relatively modern problem.

Because old houses were draughty and had many air changes they were difficult to keep warm but were largely free from condensation.

In modern flats and houses there is huge emphasis on better draught proofing, sealed unit double glazing and the blocking up of air bricks. This creates a draught free environment but does not allow for the removal of moisture laden air.

Water sources that can form condensation in a property can come from:

  • Cooking
  • Boiling kettles
  • Bathing/showering
  • Drying clothes
  • Unvented tumble dryers and heated airers
  • Calor gas or paraffin heaters

Black mould needs pure water for its growth and condensed water is pure, unlike penetrating or rising damp which contains salt contaminants from the ground. This salt contaminated water will not support mould growth

The only long term solution for condensation is effective ventilation.

Building research shows that drying a washing machine load of clothes in a property can generate 5 litres of water.

Mechanical ventilation can be introduced via the installation of positive-pressure controlled fans which draw filtered air from outside and force moisture laden air out through small gaps which are present in all properties.

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