Case study:

South Cliff Tower Eastbourne

South Cliff Tower Eastbourne is a 19 storey purpose-built block of flats.

The building was constructed in 1965.

It was decided to remove the retro fitted cladding from the west elevation and apply a new insulated render cladding system to the east, west and rear elevations.

It was deemed necessary to upgrade the wall ties to take account of the wind loadings and corrosion to the existing wall ties.

Poulton Remedial Services Ltd were awarded the prestigious contract by CBG construction of Chichester

Under the supervision of Stephen Wilson Partnership Ltd structural engineers (for the contractor) and HOP Ltd

Structural Engineers (for the client) to install approximately 20,000 Helifix dry fix ties to the East West and rear elevations.

Helifix retro ties were installed to tie the masonry to the concrete frame and floor slabs. The Helifix installation was designed to achieve 6 wall ties per m2

When the cladding was removed significant cracking to the masonry was revealed.

Approximately 1000 linear metres of Helifix crack stitch masonry reinforcement was installed to the three elevations.

To the parapets and areas where internal walls have been removed additional wind posts were installed.

The works were carried out using mast climber access which provided a safe working platform at significant heights.