Case study:

Leolyn House, St Leonards on Sea

Leolyn House, St Leonards on Sea is a four storey building, constructed of solid masonry in the 1800s

Conversion work has been carried out to form residential units.

Poulton Remedial Services Ltd were contracted by Westridge Construction Ltd

Under the supervision of Waller Gray Consulting Ltd Structural Engineers to install approximately 500 Helifix bow tie lateral restraints to tie the masonry to the floor structures throughout the building.

Many new joists were installed, these were also tied to the existing masonry using the Helifix bow tie system.

18mm holes are drilled through the masonry and the Helifix bow tie hd’s are screwed into the floor structure. They are then bonded to the masonry using Helifix Resin.

A ten year guarantee is provided for these works.