Grove Road, Eastbourne

We were invited to carry out a survey of the flank wall of this property in Grove Road Eastbourne, where severe ongoing cracking was noted. This had been brought to the attention of the local authority who had served a dangerous structure notice.

The stone corbel had rotated significantly and fractured.

Our investigations revealed severe corrosion to the ends of a pair of steel RSJ’s.

Under the supervision of Richard Sheppard of (EAR Sheppard Consulting Civil and Structural Engineers) we provided temporary support to the RSJ’s, exposed the ends, treated the rust and protected the ends. The stone corbel was removed (By J Tilly Stonemasons), repaired and reinstated as was the feature brick panel.

Helifix Cemties were installed through the corbel to hold it in place. The masonry was rebuilt. Helifix crack stitches were installed to provide masonry reinforcement.